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Springfield, OR

Hours: M-F 9AM to 5PM PST

Service & Repair

– All Workhorse machines come with a full service 1 year warranty*
– All high-end customs and one-offs come with a lifetime warranty*
– All Al Brodeur Cords and Footswitches come with a lifetime warranty
– Warranties are guaranteed by the builder associated with the individual machine
– Return shipping costs are not included with the warranty.
– If you are not the original owner or outside your warranty period, we can repair the machine, but there will be a small charge.

Steps for sending a machine or cord in to be serviced:

  1. CLEAN YOUR MACHINE/CORD/FOOTSWITCH – remove any ink, blood, rubber bands, and o-rings.
  2. Package your machine/cord/footswitch in a small box or padded envelope to prevent damage during the shipping process. Any machine/cord/footswitch received without being cleaned will be sent back and not repaired.
  3. You MUST download, complete, and send the following Repair Form with your machine/cord/footswitch. Any machine/cord/footswitch received without a Repair Form will be sent back and not repaired.
    Download Repair Form here – (pdf)
  4. Machines/Cords/Footswitches must be sent back to the original builder to be serviced. Our builders contact and shipping info is as follows, be sure to contact them before shipping your machine/cord/footswitch:

    Al Bro Clipcords and Footswitches
    4055 Stafford Ave SW Suite C
    Wyoming, MI 49548

    PO BOX 1300
    Cedar Ridge, CA 95924-1300
    Aaron does not have the time to do machine rebuilds of any sort, he only performs warranty repairs and re-tunes, please do not send him any machines to be rebuilt or you may not receive them back.

    615 S 40th Street
    Boulder, CO 80305

    Daddy O's
    216 E Broadway
    Centralia, IL 62801

    Chris Smith
    4290 Pacific Coast Hwy
    Long Beach, CA 90804

    2012 Iobelia Dr
    Cedar Park, TX 78613

    177 Valencia St
    San Fansisco, CA 94103

    1322 Caren CT
    Lancaster, CA 93534

    Seth Ciferri One-Offs & Customs:
    2925 NE Glisan St.
    Portland, OR 97232

    Seth Ciferri Workhorse
    4055 Stafford Ave SW Suite C
    Wyoming, MI 49548
    4055 Stafford Ave SW Suite C
    Wyoming, MI 49548

    Special Technique / Ugly
    12504 Sundance Ave.
    San Diego CA 92129

    4055 Stafford Ave SW Suite C
    Wyoming, MI 49548

  5. Please ship your machine/cord/footswitch with a method that allows tracking so that you may track the progress of your shipment and know when your machine arrives to the builder.
  6. If within the US, please include $10 for return shipping. If other charges apply to the service, those charges can be calculated after the machine is received and assessed by the builder.
  7. Please be patient. Though we make every effort to repair machines, cords, and footswitches as soon as possible, we are very busy and can only do so much in a day.

Please email with general inquiries and pricing details.

*warranty – your machine is guaranteed, provided it's un-altered and un-molested. this means, if it breaks, comes out of tune, or simply starts to suck, we'll back up our work. all we ask is that you don't take it apart, modify the machine in any way, or otherwise fuck with it. there are some exceptions, of course...the addition of an RCA jack is no big deal, or changing the springs if they break, but once you loosen the coils, and start messing with the mojo, you're on your own.

Basic machine info:
– we don't tune them with o-rings, so we don't typically recommend installing one.
– if you didn't find a coin on the spring shelf, it's for a reason
– our machines aren't always going to work for everyone, but we try our best to make sure each machine is tuned to make sense for most tattooers, and perform as expected.
– if it should ever fail to meet your demands, we suggest dropping the builder a line via email, instead of putting the machine in a drawer or up for sale, so we can tend to your needs, and make sure you're happy with your purchase. we want people to USE our products. not put them away, or sell them.
– if you look closely, you may find little bits of paper tucked in here and there. don't mess with them. as much as we try to stay as consistent as possible, our parts are all machined by humans, so there WILL be some variation from one frame to the next, or from one coil core to the next.
– our machines are truly hand made, and when you employ old world methods like sand casting, hand milling, and hand filing, you will undoubtedly run into variations among components.